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Hilton Smith, Senior Vice President, Turner Construction (retired), became a NAMC National Board member 44 years ago. During a joint venture with NAMC founder Ray Dones, Turner Construction became one of the association’s first major corporate partners. Mr. Smith was recently appointed as a NAMC Emeritus National Board Member during the 47th NAMC Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, June 2016.

Working in conjunction with NAMC’s National Board and Turner Construction was aninstrumental networking opportunity to circulate information about Turner’s work around the country. This encouraged Turner Construction to become a corporate sponsor with NAMC and the relationship has been mutually beneficial resulting in the establishment of partnerships, connections, valuable business opportunities, and training programs. Mr. Smith’s participation on NAMC’s national board has benefited NAMC members with opportunities to collaborate with Turner Construction and to impact changes in the construction industry while developing a plan of action to sustain NAMC’s vibrancy. A relationship involving friendship and trust has been the outcome with change as the most significant characteristic of this association. These positive changes have encouraged contractors to leverage these benefits for the success of the next generation.

Technology is also a significant factor in moving NAMC ahead. Mr. Smith’s advice to NAMC is to stay in the game and stay aware. Continue to persevere and contribute to communities across the country. Grow in faith and help one another to provide networking opportunities within the organization.

Mr. Smith’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to protect the legacy of their company by being the best at what they do while continuing to grow, establish ownership, and pursue relevant training to enhance their knowledge. Grow and develop a trusting staff while working smartly in cooperation with them to embrace the concepts of success.

Mr. Smith considers Ray Dones a pioneer in the development of NAMC and recalls Mr. Dones’ advice: “To fall is bad, but to remain down is worse. Adversity can engulf the individual but not the group. Keep moving forward.”


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